Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Queens Run Bike Run

The Queens Run Bike Run

WALT: write a recount about a recent event.

Who: the Kauri team
What: running and biking
Where: Haswell domain
When: 21 march
Why: to have fun keep fit and see who will go to the zones at Ruapuna
How: we biked the bigger track and ran the smaller track

Race number three Mr. Forman had said and all of the Year sixes paced to the front of the grass out of the shade. The field looks enormous, way bigger than last year. I’m in a team with Annabelle Y and she is doing the biking. We’re at Halswell domain, the smaller field is the running track and the other two fields are the biking track, they look massive from here.

‘On your marks’ ‘get set’ ‘ go’ shouted Mr. Muller and the race was on. I was near the back of the group when I was running but I gained speed. I could see Annabelle cheering me on. I was scorching hot and my legs were aching from my weight pounding on them. Only about twenty meters now I think to myself, ten meters, five meters and I’m there. When the running people finish you have to tag your team mate, I was scared I would miss her hand. After I tagged Annabelle she grabbed her bike and ran it down a few meters and then you were allowed to jump on your bike {for safety}.

The second run was shorter than the first run but not by a long distance. When Annabelle reached the line  there were a few people running but I passed some of the individual students. Phew, I race to the finish line I am shattered. 

When I found out what place Annabelle and I came I was so thrilled. We came fifth out of the groups and first girl team!

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