Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Word work.

  WALT spell my spelling words correctly. So what learning to spell my words correctly. Now what,To put these words into my writing.

 Believe believe believe believe believe . To accomplish something you need to believe in your self . When I dance I have to believe in my self .  Breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast . Breakfast is the most importent meal of the day . My home stay didn't have breakfast this morning . Cannon cannon cannon cannon cannon . Cannons are dangerous . Cannons were used in the olden days . Centre centre centre centre centre . I have played centre in netball before . The centre of your eye is called your pupil . Caught caught caught caught caught . Have you caught a ball before ? The criminal got caught . Different different different different different . Every body is different . There are different accents . Disappeared dissapeared dissapeared dissapeared dissapeared . I just dissapeared back there. I went under the water and dissapeared . Everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere . I see ice cream everywhere . Out of every planet Earth is the only planet with people ,they are everywhere . Favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite . My favourite colour is Aqua . My favourite person is my mum . Present present present present present . At Christmas you get presents ! My granny gives me lots of presents ! 

Thursday, 18 June 2015


WALT to spell new words correctly 

Believe believe believe believe believe . You need to BELIEVE  in your self. I have BELIEVED in my self before.
Breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast Every morning I have BREAKFAST . For BREAKFAST     I have cereal 
Cannon cannon cannon cannon cannon
Centre centre centre centre centre
Caught caught caught caught caught
Different different different different different 
Disappeared disappeared disappeared disappeared disappeared 
Everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere 
Favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite 
Present present present present present

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