Thursday, 27 October 2016

Writing- My Super Hero Story.

Walt; Write a creative story suitable for five year olds.

Amy-Louise vs Eliza Evil.

Once upon a time there was an evil villain named Eliza Evil who was in jail in Perth, Australia. For a year now she had been planning a great escape out of the highly protected, massive jail. Her plan to get out was to cause a problem in the opposite side of the jail to where she was escaping and to then quickly run off through the tunnel she had created many weeks ago.

Eliza was a dull character who never did anything nice for others and had a passion for being evil. Her dream was to make the whole world evil and to make people evil too. Eliza´s sidekick was an evil cat named Donna Dark, a cat which loved to cause problems.

The reason Eliza desired to break out of the horrible, prison was because there was a rumour going around the jail. The rumour was that a young superhero planned to capture all bad guys and villains and put them into a special jail so everybody in the World would be safe.

Amy-Louise, the super hero Eliza had heard about,  was a bright and bubbly person who loved to solve problems and make the world a better place. Her sidekick was a calm dog called Daisy, her personality was as bright as the sun.

Many days later Eliza had successfully escaped the prison and was breathing in the frosty air and freedom. The first thing she decided to do was to find the great superhero who was called Amy-Louise. After a few hours Eliza located Amy-Louise across the country in Sydney. They met outside a fast food place.

Then they started to battle, Eliza made the first move by shooting lasers out of her earrings but Amy smartly dodged the small red dots. Quickly reacting Amy pulled out her trap that captures anything. Amy threw the trap at Eliza but she avoided it.

Suddenly, Eliza darted off but as she darted away from her nemesis she shouted, ‘I’ll be back for you Amy’

The next day Amy waited for Eliza outside her office but she never saw her that day. Nor the next day. She waited for Eliza for the next few days but nobody ever saw her again.

Amy-Louise lived on for many more years solving problems all over the world with her handy sidekick Daisy the dog.