Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The School of the Future Has Opened in Finland-Reading Goal Assessment

The School of the Future Has Opened in Finland
WALT make links between different parts of the text
Success Criteria
When I am reading I will:
  1. Read topic sentences at the start of paragraphs to see what the paragraph is about.
  2. Skim and scan for keywords to help me understand what the text is about.
  3. Look carefully at pictures, diagrams, maps, tables etc to get information about what the text is about.
  4. Use information from different parts of the text to answer questions.
  5. Use information from different parts of the text to make a conclusion or assumption about it.

WALT correctly understand and work out the information presented
Success Criteria
When I am reading I will:
  1. Read texts through more than once so I understand it really well.
  2. Use my knowledge of words to work out how to read difficult words.
  3. Read topic sentences at the start of paragraphs to see what the paragraph is about.
  4. Skim and scan for keywords to help me understand what the text is about.
  5. Use my knowledge of the text and words, or a dictionary, to work out the meaning of difficult words.
  6. Ask myself questions about the text, especially if I do not understand it.
  7. Ask a buddy or teacher for help if I am stuck.

List quotes from the text that show this school is a school of the future and explain why you think this is. (Add to the table if you need to add more quotes)

My explanation
If they want, they can lie on a sofa with a computer placed on a stool in front of them.
Most schools don’t let you lie down and you're just allowed to sit on a chair.
The designers believe that any fence or barrier will just encourage the children to rebel against restrictions; therefore, the whole place is open.
In most schools there are either gates or barriers to prevent anyone getting in or out during school hours.
The school's open areas are specially designed to give the children space to walk around. It's divided into different areas for primary and secondary school pupils.
Most schools are quite packed and have classes squashed together.
For the decoration of both the interiors and the outside of the building, architects used natural materials that help to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere.
Some schools have brick walls which aren’t that calming or good for focusing on your work but this school had calming walls and features that are natural that have a good look.
The external brickwork has been done using different building methods and in random patterns to help encourage the children's learning. In the areas where the children play and relax (in the entrance hall and on the staircases), the walls are painted in bright colours.
Most schools have boring and dull walls which don’t have a benefit on a child's learning but the bright colours can give you ideas for your learning.
The school's large windows facing onto the street give the sense of a connection with the outside world. Places for the children to sit are located right by the windows, so the children don't feel locked behind four walls.
This is good because the children can see outside and they can feel like they are not locked up in school. I think the windows are also a good idea because the public can also see in and look at the children and the school.
In the evenings, the school turns into a leisure and sports centre for all the citizens in the neighbourhood. The sports hall and hardware workshops are used to maximum effect.
I think this is good because in the afternoon the public can benefit from the school because they could have clubs meet there or someone could do a performance there for the community.
Laptop computers, in fact, are this school's version of the school blackboard. Most of the children's lessons are built around the concept of team projects.
I think this is good because the children and teachers are learning new skills on computers for everyday life.

Friday, 26 August 2016


          WALT: learn Chinese words for family members.
  • Wo ai mama= I love mum
  • Wo ai baba= I love dad
  • Wo ai chir hanbaobao=I love to eat hamburgers
  • Wo ai chir ping gao=I love to eat apples
  • Wo ai jie jie= I love older sister
  • Wo ai ge ge= I love older brother My next step is to: be able to say the correct pronunciation for the words and to be able to say them faster.

Friday, 19 August 2016

An Olympic Scandal

WALT: Choose a historical Olympic scandal.  Explain what happened and the outcome.  Was it appropriately dealt with?  Why / Why not?

Russian Athletes were found to be doping in previous Olympic games. Later people found out that their government had been helping them to cheat. The result of this is that some Russian athletes that were going to compete in this year's Olympics were banned. Some of the Russian athletes even turned up to the Olympics ready to play but then they were turned down.  I think that the problem was appropriately dealt with because they broke the rules and they should get a penalty for doing it.