Friday, 13 May 2016

My Anzac Story

WALT: view the world from another person's point of view.

Dear diary…… I’ve been in the trenches for about a week now. Not much happens here in Gallipoli but that’s all about to change. It’s thirty minutes until war starts, why do they have an exact time? Boom crack the game is on. As my mates and I scramble out of the never-ending trenches, There are explosions going off every-Crack Henry my mate has dropped to the ground and blood is pouring rapidly out off his side.
‘Spread out so we are harder to shoot,’ our boss says as another mate of mine falls to the ground.
Someone is running to us, no there are two people carrying a stretcher. I feel scared, what if I never see my family again? My mother never wanted me to come I wish I had listened to her…
The meals are rubbish here. Every night it is vegetable stew with clumps of meat, just thinking of it makes me feel like puking. I’m longing for my mum’s italian spicy pizza with pepperoni and her homemade blueberry ice cream with strawberry sauce.
Boom, greyish gas goes everywhere.
‘Get out of the trench and run, put your gas masks on,’ shouts our boss again.
When we finally find a new trench we are all scared out of our wits and are staggering with tiredness.

Today we get to write letters to home. Before we got to write them they told us we couldn’t write about where we were or what we are doing. I didn’t really listen because I was thinking about what i was going to write. This is what I wrote,
Dear Grace, Thomas and Margaret
I’m missing you very much. Life in the trenches is horrible there are rats and the food is disgusting, vegetable stew everyday. Although, sometimes it has clumps of meat. I have been wearing the same clothes for about four months and I have dirt and other yucky stuff roaming in them.
How are you? I hope you littles ones are helping mum and doing well at school.
Love from your Dad.

War is the worst thing that ever happened to the world.
Lest we forget
By: Siobhan Kenna

My next step is to use more descriptive words in my story and make it more interesting.

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